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Recent Projects

  • Decommissioning project Tunisia For a decommission project offshore Tunisia, Mooring Systems has supplied its new compact SR003 spooling unit, a 15te deck tensioner, and 5te winch. The company has also provided an experienced rigging team for the FPSO and DP vessels. SR 003 spooler ready to be loaded for Tunisia project
  • Flowline installation Turkmenistan Mooring Systems loading out equipment from their Montrose quayside facility to spool 1000mt of 4” Manuli hose for flow line installation in Turkmenistan. This job is scheduled for installation July 2012. SR002 spooling unit being loaded at Mooring Systems’ quayside facility Montrose.
  • Cendor Malaysia – Riser change out Mooring Systems Ltd reacted quickly to change out an existing riser for the Cendor field development  offshore Malaysia – the riser had been damaged by a wire being dragged over the hose.  Mooring Systems air freighted out a new riser (200mt) from stock, mobilised spooling equipment in Singapore, and removed the old hose, installed the... Read the rest.
  • Mooring Systems Flexible Flowline for BP Valhall Project Moorings Systems has completed the installation of a flexible export flowline to transfer water to a DP tanker at the BP Valhall platform complex in the Norwegian North Sea. The project involved installation of 1,160 metres, 6” flexible flowline, front end engineering, mobilisation of equipment, and offshore installation team. Located in 70 m of water,... Read the rest.
  • Westaf Stand Alone Mooring MSL_Lamprell.013Location: Nigeria Client: ABC Maritime Water Depth: 65m Tanker: 250,000 DWT Seastate: Hs = 5m
  • Riser Repair Project Location: Thailand An off take tanker had collided with a Manuli expert hose. Mooring Systems assessed the damage, ordered the repair equipment, and carried out the task. The hose was later pressure tested, and returned to service.
  • BW Carmen Project Supply and installation of QCDC fluid transfer unit onboard the Stena Spey.
  • Arthit TCMS System MSL_Lamprell.010One of the three FPSOs moored to a TCMS to date is the Lewek Arunthai FPSO Arthit Field in Gulf of Thailand. Approximately 143 miles (230 kilometers) offshore Songkhla in Malaysia the Arthit gas and condensate field spans 1 million acres (4,185 square kilometers) across Blocks B14A, B15A and B16A.  Moored at a water depth... Read the rest.
  • DIDON TCMS Installation TCMSDidonApril09Location: Tunisia Client: PA Resources Water Depth: 80m No. of Risers: 1 + Umbilical Seastate: Hs = 7m
  • IKDAM Umbilical Recovery TCMSIkdamsunsetSept07Location: Tunisia Client: Lundin Water Depth: 240m No. of Risers: 3 + 2 Umbilicals Seastate: Hs = 7m

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