Equipment Hire – Overview

Mooring Systems has a large equipment hire range available from our our own warehouse and quayside facility in Montrose operating round the clock every day of the year. All equipment is fully maintained and serviced before hire.

We deliver solid, no-nonsense engineering expertise that provides outstanding service life and reliability, backed up with outstanding levels of support from our technicians and service personnel We have worked hard to establish an unrivalled reputation for performance, delivery and customer service and become one of the world’s leading independent providers of spooling equipment.

Suffice to say our equipment has been successfully deployed and field tested in the world’s most challenging offshore environments including the North Atlantic, North Sea and the Far East with outstanding performance characteristics and service record.

For Spooler, Carousel and Quick Connect Disconnect Coupler units we offer an integrated source of supply include ancillary equipment and market leading Manulli hoses.

Our Equipment Hire range includes the following:

400 Te Carousel
Almon Johnson Spooling Unit (SR001)
75 Te Large Spooler: Wide Drum and Compact Drum (SR002/3)
Manuli hose

Bow Loading (Quick Connect Disconnect Coupler – QCDC)
Pusnes Connector c/w Adapters and Swivel
Import / Export Chute

Clump weights / Cable Turning Points
Hydraulic Chain Stopper
Buoyancy Units
Lifting Beams
Load Cells
Various Rigging Containers
Steelite Ropes
Mooring Components (Node)
Single Hose Spooler


DIDON TCMS Installation

Location: Tunisia Client: PA Resources Water Depth: 80m No. of Risers: 1 + Umbilical Seastate: Hs = 7m

Westaf Stand Alone Mooring

Location: Nigeria Client: ABC Maritime Water Depth: 65m Tanker: 250,000 DWT Seastate: Hs = 5m

Riser Installation

Location: India Client: ONGC Mooring Systems installed a 400mt high pressure riser offshore India. Due to the nature of...

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Equipment Hire

Mooring Components

The mooring node is for connecting the three legs for the TCMS mooring, and the chafe chain on the upper lug of the node. Built by Vicinay in Spain, the node weights 12 tonne and fits 130mm Shackles .

76mm RQ4 Chain

Mooring systems Limited has presently 20,000 ft of 76mm anchor chain grade R4 new and unused in stock. Manufactured by Vicinay in Spain this chain is available for rental or purchase.

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Recent Projects

PA Resources Project

Services provided: Engineering / Mooring team / rigging container c/w equipment / spooler and riser.

TruAxis Project

Services provided: Supply of Spooling equipment, installation rigging team .

PetroSA Project

Services provided: Supply of 500mt of Manuli riser. Spooling equipment / buoyancy / Riser design – analysis.

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