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Mooring Components

The mooring node is for connecting the three legs for the TCMS mooring, and the chafe chain on the upper lug of the node. Built by Vicinay in Spain, the node weights 12 tonne and fits 130mm Shackles ....Read more

76mm RQ4 Chain

Mooring systems Limited has presently 20,000 ft of 76mm anchor chain grade R4 new and unused in stock. Manufactured by Vicinay in Spain this chain is available for rental or purchase. ...Read more

150te spooler

This winch is designed to rotate reels of wire, rope, cables or umbilical. There are three removable shafts of different diameters that support the reel through a hole in the centre with the shaft acting like an axle...Read more

Steelite Rope

Miscellaneous Equipment DNV certified 60mm ( 244te mbl ) DNV certified 52mm ( 175te mbl ) Over 1000m in assorted lengths. Soft eyes each end....Read more

Various Rigging Containers

Miscellaneous Equipment Mooring systems Ltd has 2 x rigging containers fully stocked with tools and rigging equipment required for operational use. Fully certified c/w lifting rigging. Dimensions: 1.8m long x 2m wide x 2.9m height....Read more

Load Cells

Miscellaneous Equipment 2 x sizes, types of cell in stock , 50te load shackle type c/w readouts 2 x 300 te plate type with load pin....Read more

Lifting Beams

Miscellaneous Equipment 30te short: For lifting umbilical reels / wire rope drums c/w through bar. 30te long: For lifting drums up to 5 mt wide. 25te 6m: For lifting Manuli drums 65te 8.5m: For lifting the AJ Spooling unit. 15te: 6m: For lifting concrete mates, ROV activation facility....Read more

Buoyancy Units

Miscellaneous Equipment 200kg buoyancy modules complete with inserts....Read more

Hydraulic Chain Stopper

Miscellaneous Equipment Swl 300te, Proof load 340te Chain Diameter Size: 84mm > 92mm. length 2.24m x width 1.94m x height 1.18m Weight: 4300kg...Read more

Clump weights / Cable turning points

Miscellaneous Equipment 2 x clump weights in stock, designed to act as ‘turning points’ on the sea bed for cable or umbilical lay. Lifting Points: 1 x 17te on top / 4 x 12te lifting points on the sides. Dimensions: height 2.9m, base 2.4m, top 1.6m Weight: 10te in Water...Read more

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Recent Projects

Blue Water / KD Marine Project

Services provided: Spooling operation, cranes, forklifts rigging teams, storage, inside and outside.

Cendor Malaysia – Riser change out

200mt riser hose ready for deploymentMooring Systems Ltd reacted quickly to change out an existing riser for the Cendor field development offshore Malaysia – the riser had been damaged by a wire being dragged over the hose.

Decommissioning project Tunisia

SR 003 spooler ready to be loaded for Tunisia projectFor a decommission project offshore Tunisia, Mooring Systems has supplied its new compact SR003 spooling unit, a 15te deck tensioner, and 5te winch. The company has also provided an experienced rigging team for the FPSO and DP vessels. SR 003 spooler ready to be loaded for Tunisia project

Flowline installation Turkmenistan

Mooring Systems SR002 spooler in service offshore.Mooring Systems loading out equipment from their Montrose quayside facility to spool 1000mt of 4” Manuli hose for flow line installation in Turkmenistan. The project was successfully completed in July 2012. Mooring Systems SR002 spooling unit offshore.

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