Didon FPSO Hook-up Complete

Mooring Systems Ltd successfully installed the permanent storage tanker FPSO Didon onto the TCMS® mooring system offshore Tunisia in September 2007. The system completes the latest stage of the field development. Last year PA Resources (field operator) installed a new production jacket. The crude oil is exported via a subsea pipeline, connected by a flexible riser to the tanker.

PA Resources asked Mooring Systems Ltd to come up with a temporary solution to continue production in the field, while their permanent tanker was in Malta dry dock for essential maintenance and the installation of the bow loading system. The engineering work scope for the TCMS® and mooring system was completed by Rig Engineering Ltd.

The 35te anchors were laid by the MV Normand Master, connected to 1500mts of chain. Once the system was connected to the bow of the tanker MV Melide, a 300mt 6” Flowline was connect to the import chute on the bow.

The chain was loaded in Norway. The spooling equipment, riser, hose guides, and installation equipment were loaded in Montrose at MSL‘s quayside facility.


Riser Installation

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Westaf Stand Alone Mooring

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DIDON TCMS Installation

Location: Tunisia Client: PA Resources Water Depth: 80m No. of Risers: 1 + Umbilical Seastate: Hs = 7m

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Equipment Hire

Mooring Components

The mooring node is for connecting the three legs for the TCMS mooring, and the chafe chain on the upper lug of the node. Built by Vicinay in Spain, the node weights 12 tonne and fits 130mm Shackles .

76mm RQ4 Chain

Mooring systems Limited has presently 20,000 ft of 76mm anchor chain grade R4 new and unused in stock. Manufactured by Vicinay in Spain this chain is available for rental or purchase.

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Recent Projects

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Services provided: Engineering / Mooring team / rigging container c/w equipment / spooler and riser.

TruAxis Project

Services provided: Supply of Spooling equipment, installation rigging team .

PetroSA Project

Services provided: Supply of 500mt of Manuli riser. Spooling equipment / buoyancy / Riser design – analysis.

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