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Import / Export Chute

Rig end, tanker end chute. Used for end termination manifold. Chute used to connect flexible hose, marine breakaway coupling, and ball valve connecting to a fixed spool at the inboard side of the chute....Read more

Pusnes Connector c/w Adapters and Swivel

The Pusnes connectors in stock is a standard connector for DP shuttle tankers. Comes c/w 20” > 12” reducing spool, 12” bearing swivel, lifting lug cross over, 12” > 6” reducing spool....Read more

QCDC Bow Loading System

This quick connect disconnect coupler is compact any can be fitted to any rig or tanker. Dimensions: length 3.9m x width 3.2m x height 3.2m Weight: 10te. Manufactured by M.I.B. Units consist of: 2 x Bodewew 5 te hydraulic winches, 4 x hydraulic clamps (50te rated) Hydraulic integral ball valve 4 x load sensors for...Read more

Manuli Hose

Mooring systems has one of the largest stocks of new and used certificated Manuli hose in Europe. These hoses are stored on 6m x 2.4m drums, in 300m and 200m lengths. Due to demand, mooring systems Ltd. has recently purchased 4 new riser hoses. This will give MSL the capability to pull together complete export...Read more

Equipment Hire – Overview

Mooring Systems has a large equipment hire range available from our our own warehouse and quayside facility in Montrose operating round the clock every day of the year. All equipment is fully maintained and serviced before hire. We deliver solid, no-nonsense engineering expertise that provides outstanding service life and reliability, backed up with outstanding levels...Read more

75 Te Large Spooler: Wide Drum and Compact Drum

This 75 tonne unit will also be used for the same applications as the AJ machine. Similar in size, with a bigger core diameter. It is available in two sizes SR002 – wide drum, and SR003 – compact drum. Dimensions: length 8.6m x Width 3.8m x height 4.4m weight: 28te c/w 75te lifting beam...Read more

Almon Johnson Spooling Unit

This SR001 spooling unit was specifically designed and built to handle Manuli flexible riser. The spooling machine can also handle jumper hoses, umbilical, and long length fibre ropes for deep water moorings. It has a Hagglund motor, and is electro hydraulically driven...Read more

400 tonne Mobile Carousel

MSL Carousel on quaysideThe 400Te capacity, road transportable, spooler has been designed to accommodate a wide range of flexible products including umbilicals, dynamic risers, marine hoses and cables. It is capable of delivering almost 20km (12 miles) of 100mm cable in one batch...Read more

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Recent Projects

TruAxis Project

Services provided: Supply of Spooling equipment, installation rigging team .

PetroSA Project

Services provided: Supply of 500mt of Manuli riser. Spooling equipment / buoyancy / Riser design – analysis.

Kris Energy Project

Services provided: Project design, Supply of 4km of 4” and 6” Manuli hose . Buoyancy and inserts, Rigging supervision.

Blue Water / KD Marine Project

Services provided: Spooling operation, cranes, forklifts rigging teams, storage, inside and outside.

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